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Letter to the Editor,

January 28, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

Letter to the Editor,

To all the citizens of Traer Iowa

Gas franchise vote

Granted, I do not have a college degree, nor have I ever served on the city council, nor have I ever been the mayor. I am an implement dealer in Traer and was born in Traer and went to school in Traer.

This gas franchise vote is putting a huge wedge in the town we live in and raise our families. It needs to stop and stop now.

Lets look at the practical side of this. At one of the meetings that I was at some time last year, I heard an employee of the gas co. state that they only made $35,000 in this town last year. I ask, do you believe that? I don't and I will tell you why.

When you are trading equipment you sometimes find you have more cash in the used trade-in than you will possible get out of it. I know it shouldn't happen, but it does. My banker explained to me that yes, he knows this will happen and his advice was sell it for what you can, get the money and move onto the next deal and try and make up the loss from the first one.

I hope you all understand what I am trying to show you. Ok, now I have no idea what Alliant has invested in Traer or what it is worth today but, let's say the investment is some place around $1.2 million and is worth say $800,000 today. And I am sure I may be low on the amounts, as long ago that the gas was initially installed I am sure Alliant has this depreciated out on the tax rolls. Looking at the worth of the system at $800,000 and return of investment of $35,000 per year tells me one thing, the Alliant Co. should be very willing to sell it off, take the money and reinvest it some place else to make what they should from what they have invested.

Something tells me there is a dead mouse in the house. Look up what Alliant spent trying to win the first vote. Which I think was $47,000 or so. Now add the cost of the second election (which they have agreed to for) let's just say they want to keep Traer and spend another $47,000 plus whatever their additional expenses to try to win this vote. The teachers in Traer high school taught me to add so that would make it $94,000. Now tell me that they only made $35,000 a year as they stated at the meeting.

What Alliant is saying is, you people in Traer don't know what you are doing so Alliant will pay for this second election. I think most of us knew what we were voting of the first time, after all it passed. I for one don't like being told that I did not know what I was doing when I voted for TMU to look into a gas franchise with possible purchase.

The people of Traer vote on the mayor and council and the council makes the correct decisions and I do believe they have.

Please stop and think of all the things TMU has done for Traer, now think of all the things Alliant has done for Traer I can think of one; they took my money out of town and what did I get from the profits? Can't remember.

In closing don't listen to the scare tactics, don't listen to the biggest objectors, use our heads and vote for what could be the best thing that could happen to Traer for quite some time. Let's see if it will cash flow and return a profit.

Vote NO to Alliant to keeping the gas franchise for Traer.

Rodger Knoop

504 9th St.



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