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February 25, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper


TMU and it's Board of Directors?

TMU has had decades to show the citizens of Traer that they can provide us with electricity at competitive rates and have failed. We lose a factory and what is their answer? Give raises and raise rates. Question them and they circle the wagons and then blame those that dare question their motives for the rift they claim is tearing the town apart. Somewhere along the way TMU has forgotten who pays their well padded big city paychecks, and supplies the money for their operating budget.

TMU doesn't offer us rebates for new energy efficient appliances, furnaces, new windows or insulating our homes.

TMU doesn't even put what you pay per kilowatt on your bill, if you want to know you have to get out a calculator. Where is the full disclosure in that? I won't even try to explain their peak or off peak usage proposal.

TMU uses scare tactics to justify their big wages, claiming that we would lose these dedicated employees if we do not pay them what they claim they could make somewhere else. (Are these phantom towns even hiring?) I am willing to bet that especially in these times there are people that can do and will do the job for less and be happy to do it.

TMU can charge whatever they want, raise rates to fit their needs, keep their top dollar employees and they answer to no one. They claim they can not control the price we have to pay because we do not own the lines that get the electricity to Traer. How will the gas get here? How will they control those rates and pay off the debt WE will incur?

Alliant may not be the answer forever, but at least for now there is some form of CONTROL and that is called the Iowa Utility Board. Alliant can not raise the rates unless they prove to the board that they need to raise rates and the best part about that is you will not being paying any more for living in Traer than someone living in another small town in Iowa.

By voting YES to renew service with Alliant (even if you do not need a gas provider) you will be sending a much needed wake up call to TMU and it's Board that we want changes before they take us down a road that could make Traer un-affordable for most of us to live here.

By voting YES to renew service with Alliant you are buying Traer time to weed out all that is wrong with TMU and the way it is being run, before we give them total control over the biggest part of a home budget.

About 1983, (during the last recesion) the citizens of Traer tried to get TMU to change it's ways and TMU stalled long enough for the economy to pick up and the people forgot, moved away or simply gave up.

Here we are 26 years later and the complaints are the same but this time we have an opportunity to vote and send a message that TMU doesn't make the rules - the citizens of Traer do.

Kelly Roy



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