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February 25, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

To Readers:

The vote approaching in Traer on March 3 is a simple choice: supporting local control of an issue affecting local people (vote No), or supporting out of town, big business control of a Traer issue (vote Yes).

The vote outcome on March 3 will once again give the City Council an indication of just how voters feel on this issue, as did the vote taken last fall which gave the Utility board discretion to investigate the options open to the community. As directed by the voters last fall, the local Utility board (made up of Traer citizens) is now in the process of that investigation. That process should continue.

Many, many years ago, Traer set up a separate Utility board, to consider matters concerning the utilities provided to the citizens of Traer. That process has served Traer well, as Traer has locally provided, dependable service under local control.

Since Alliant desires provider contracts which last many, many years, the process of investigation by the local Utility board should not be hurried or derailed by the present provider, but rather the local investigative process should be open, deliberate and carefully thought out. After careful investigation, the local board (representing the people of Traer) should make recommendations to the City Council concerning whether or not to sign contracts with the provider the provider should not make those decisions for the people of Traer.

The choices are local ones. Control of this issue should remain in local hands. Let the investigative process continue, with open discussions. Your Utility board and City Council meet in open session each month. Attend those local open meetings and be informed. Don't give up your control of what happens in the future in your community. Do not recommend to your Council they hurry to sign a contract affecting your community's future, without due thought and consideration by Traer's Utility board and Council.

Traer citizens are the buyers here don't let any company push Traer into making those decisions prematurely.

Vote for local control of this issue. Vote No on March 3.

Ellen Young,

Traer Community Betterment



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