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February 25, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper


Back in the 1980s TMU hired an engeering firm 3 or 4 times to scope our Jordan well. Each time they were told if it was sleeved it would last 10 years. Each time it was decided Traer didnt have the money to sleeve the well. Traer paid the firm 30 to 50 thousand dollars each time. The well filled in. TMU doubled the water rate to pay for a new well. If they had sleeved the well and raised the rates (just to pick a figure) say 25% and earmarked this money for the new well the money would have been there. But it didnt happen. The well filled in and drill we did. Twice since. Water/sewer rates have gone steadly up since then.

About the same time the general manager of TMU demanded a 20,000 dollar a year raise or he would leave. It was granted. I didn't even make 20,000 dollars a year at that time, but we didn't have the money for the well.

There was a vote to take over the cable system. It was rejected because people didn't think TMU could handle it or should.

How many of you have had the wireless internet and not been happy? For high speed its pretty slow , If it works at all.

In a recent ad for the gas franchise it was stated shop at home. It's been a long time since I saw any board member at the local grocery or the hardware store. Apparently they don't shop at home.

A recent letter would lead you to believe that Traer was being punished by Alliant by raising rates. Truth is, it was a nation wide increase of about 30%. My budget billing went down the same 30% last evaluation. I don't see that happening with TMU, as TMU will not have to answer to the regulatory commission.

Then the electric increase. They would like you to believe it will be 45% over three years. Actually it is over 50%.

I also remember TMU saying that when Wayne Manufacturing comes to Traer there would be credits issued. I don't see anyone building in the industrial park. Wasn't that supposed to happen last year? Wayne engineering is not coming to Traer. No credit there.

I think TMU is biting off more than they can chew. We are the ones that are going to pay.

I've lived in Traer 54 yrs.

I have to vote YES. I don't want TMU managing my gas utility.

Thanks for your time,

Paul & Candy




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