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North Tama volleyball

September 23, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

Volleyball needs fans in the stands!!! The volleyball team is having a good season. They are ranked 15th in the state, and that is the best ranking that they have had in years. There are a lot of small towns in the state of Iowa that revolve around their high school football team and seasons. The individuals that live in or around the town give a lot of money and support in order to help the football team. Other sports are often left out of the spotlight.

The North Tama High School football team is very popular in our town and community and rightly so. A lot of the town goes to the football games on Friday nights during the fall. When asking Lillian Howard, volleyball setter, how can other sports get some of the sports enthusiast's support and fan base, she replied by saying, "Other sports can get more attention by winning and publicizing their games."

This year both the volleyball team and the football team are doing well. In fact every home football game the stands are packed with fans. On the other hand, at a recent home volleyball game two thirds of the stands are empty. When asking Nora Seda, senior volleyball weak side hitter, why she thinks football gets most of the attention in the fall, she replied, "Games for football are on Friday nights and people are able to come watch." I also asked Nathan Jones, a varsity football lineman, the same question and he said, "It's a much more exciting sport to watch and humans are attracted to violence."

When interviewing athletic director, Scott Connolly, about the support given to athletes he responded with, "I think athletics and activities at North Tama are supported fairly well when compared to other schools in our region and our size. I believe the recent surge in attendance for football is related to the many years of success. I think that the more success an activity has the more fans you will get. I also believe it is really important that students and athletes support each other in everything they do. I hope that all activities feel supported in some way and that every fan means something to each team."

Come support all of the sports that you can come to! We need fans to fill the stands!!!



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