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December 2, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

Dear Editor and Citizens of Traer,

Alliant's ad in the Tama County Shopper on November 18, 2009 has gone too far. They are not satisfied with keeping the issue of the gas franchise within the city of Traer. With this publication they are involving other people and communities. I feel this puts Traer in a very negative light that will affect us all for many years to come. During the city election it was stated by several candidates the need for finding new businesses to come to our city so that we may grow economically. Will businesses look favorably at Traer after this? I think not! It is time we all question Alliant more-not just believe their statements because they say they are true.

Also, their suggestion of a franchise fee is not as great as it sounds. This is nothing more than an additional tax which will be on each customer's bill. Do you want your taxes to go up? As stated by Alliant, they will charge a handling fee for the administration of the amount charged to them-which in turn reduces the amount of money returned to the general fund of the City of Traer. I personally do not care to have a company such as Alliant acting as a banker for Traer.


Judy Holst

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