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December 16, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

Dear Editor,

As all of you may be aware this year's harvest has taken a toll on may farmers, but yet part of society still underestimates the hard work farmers endure all year long.

Last year's harvest may seem like a piece of cake by the time this year's harvest is over.

The 2009 Iowa Soybean harvest was more than three weeks late compared to the five-year average. This years corn average is also about two weeks behind average. The reason behind such a late harvest is because it matured very slowly because of unusually cool summer temperatures. The 2009 harvest has been considered one of the most challenging harvests in the decade according to the Iowa Secretary of Agricultural, bill Northey. Also, having one of the wettest Octobers in history caused the moisture content of corn to run high causing extremely high drying costs.

As a farmer's daughter I am beginning to realize more and more of the stressful conditions my dad and other farmers go through every minute of the day. With the extremely wet, cold weather, along with long lines at the elevator and the elevator closing early any nights it gets very difficult to get all the crops out in a timely manner. The harvest season to many has seemed endless. My family was fortunate enough to get all of our crops in before the first of December, But I know there are still several farmers in our area continuing to combine a lot of corn.

Instead of criticizing farmers and their practices, society should be thankful for Iowa's farmers and all farmers for providing food for everyone. Farmers work extremely long hours and a lot of times through the night, while taking big risks to stay ahead, in order to accommodate America's needs.


Emily Ewoldt



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