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Fall colors soon to be in full bloom

October 6, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

Here's Iowa's fall color report from the State Forest Nursery. This report is compiled weekly during the fall season.

Northeast Iowa: The fall color changes are starting to happen. The maples are turning yellow and orange color. There isn't much red in the landscape yet. When you look at the Mississippi River bluffs, yellow, gold, brown and a little faint orange can be seen in spots, but many trees are still green especially the oaks. The week of Oct. 10 is the estimated peak time.

Southeast Iowa: There hasn't been any change from last week. They really aren't seeing much color change here yet. Most of the cornfields and bean fields are golden brown. Estimated peak week is October 17 or October 25.

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North Central Iowa: Corn and beans are golden brown and are still being harvested. Some maples are starting to turn yellow and orange - mostly in the towns. The peak week will probably be October 10 or 17.

Central Iowa: Some bottomland species like walnuts, hackberries, and silver maples are starting to turn yellow. In the towns, some of the sugar maples are turning orange. Burning bush in the towns is just starting to show spots of red. Sumac and Virginia creeper are turning red. Estimated peak is the week of October 10 or 17.

South Central Iowa: Many of the bottomland species are changing. Silver maple leaves are turning yellow and starting to fall; the ash trees are also turning yellow. Sumac and poison ivy are starting to turn red. Some maple trees are turning in the towns and most of the oaks are just showing the first signs of change. The estimated peak may be the week of October 10 or October 17.

Northwest Iowa: Mostly yellows and browns in the bottomland species like ash, hackberry and silver maple. Drier weather and cool nights should bring an estimated peak viewing time as early as the week of October 10 if they don't get too much rain.

Southwest Iowa: Some ash trees are partially yellow. The Loess Hills show spots of brown, gold and yellow colors but many trees are green. The golden color of beans and corn is still present as farmers are still trying to get the crops out. Estimated peak week of October 10 or the October 17.



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