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Ask Athena

November 3, 2011
Traer Star-Clipper

Dear Readers;

We're still looking at the issue of waning romance and what to do about it. But what exactly is "romance"? You probably all have your own definition of what it is to you. Some define it as an emotional attachment between two people. Others define it as to court or woo someone. I think most of us see romance as an action the things we do to make someone feel special. Remember back to when you first met that special person in your life. Did you use better manners back then? Saying please and thank you. Did you compliment her? Did she tell you how handsome you are? Did you court? Did you woo?

With time, we tend to get comfortable in our relationships. And that's a good thing. We should be comfortable with the person we've chosen to spend our life with. But with that feeling of comfort sometimes comes complacency. Sometimes with time, we think our loved ones should be able to read our minds and know what we want. Just because a relationship is comfortable doesn't mean that romance should be forgotten. But if you think your partner is not being romantic, look in the mirror. Are you giving what you'd like to receive? Remember, it takes two to tango. Next week, I'll share some specific things romantic things you can do. Until then, have a romantic week.




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