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Clutier City Council meets

April 12, 2012
Traer Star-Clipper

The Clutier City Council met April 2 with Mayor Ardeen Cross and Councilmen Robert Caslavka, Linda Pearson, Arlene Vondracek, Barb Baseman. Also present were City Clerk Jennifer Hickman, fire Chief Blake Pearson, Sharon Knoop with first responders, Jay Hansel, owner of Hansel construction and a representative of Hansel Construction.

Jay Hansel and his representative spoke to the council about the fire station. There is approx. $12,500 for "add-ons" that have to be approved by the insurance company over and above the original contract. These extras include a fill pipe for the fire trucks, racks for the gear, water fountain and miscellaneous. The explanation for the "extras" was that they bid off of what was included in the adjuster's description. The council questioned the warranty on the building and were assured that it was for 2 years. The meeting was suspended while the Mayor, council, Fire Chief and Sharon Knoop did a walk through.

There was a citizen complaint presented about damage done to the tail end of 5th St. by heavy equipment. Mayor Cross explained that street improvements are on hold until all of the storm damage has been taken care of. Same citizen also complained about a loose dog-city clerk will contact owners.

Councilman Pearson brought up a damaged fire hydrant near the elevator. Damage was caused by sewer cleaning. Sharnweber will be contacted to repair.

There was discussion about purchasing new appliances for City Hall. Mayor Cross and city clerk will follow-up on by Friday. A claim for the bunker gear will be completed by Mayor Cross at the same time.

City clean-up will be May 19, the city clerk is contacting trash pick-up.

City clerk reported the firemen had two calls in March, Sharon Knoop reported First Responders had two calls. Sharon Knoop reported that she will order 2 new pagers and they will be in compliance with Tama county emergency services when they update the banding. Sharon Knoop also reported on a federal requirement that all elected officials must take training. Also Sharon stated that there is a need for volunteers for help in case of disaster-training in CPR and first aid will be provided.

Councilman Baseman asked about maintenance of the Clutier Community Center; Mayor Cross stated that had been incorporated into the city clerk's job. There is still a search on for a city maintenance man.

There was also discussion as to the FEMA money for tree removal. If damaged trees on city property meet FEMA standards they will pay to have them removed. It was brought to the councils attention that a citizen has partially cut through a tree-this will be addressed with the resident. Councilman Pearson asked when they would be able to move to the new building. Mayor Cross stated not this week.

RAGBRAI will be coming through Clutier July 26th. Mayor Cross and Councilman Vondrachek are in charge of the event. A town meeting will be called at a later date to ask for volunteers.



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