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Gladbrook considering adoption of golf cart ordinance

June 21, 2012
Marcy Knaack - Gladbrook Correspondant , Traer Star-Clipper

Monday evening the Gladbrook City Council met and held a discussion on whether to adopt a golf cart ordinance as this request had been brought up at the May meeting by a resident. City Clerk Lori Bearden had printed golf cart and ATV regulations used by the Iowa League of Cities. It was the Council's wish to consider such an ordinance and will discuss again at their July meeting.

Heath Kellogg, Tama County's Economic Development Director, introduced himself to the Council. He is a graduate of South Tama High School and a graduate of North Dakota State where he obtained an Animal Science degree. Kellogg told the Council of his 4-point goals for Tama County which are: capital investment money, growing existing businesses, attracting new businesses and growing a labor pool. Kellogg feels there is potential in Tama County and is excited about working with the various communities.

Council discussed water issues Joyce Bruene has at the corner of 4th St and Gould from water run off coming down the west side of Gould Street, starting at 5th & Gould. If curb and gutter was installed there would be two or three culverts that would need to be eliminated or plugged. Public Works Director Mark Lowry and Engineer Mike Bearden obtained some prices on what it would take to eliminate the problem and the cost would be approximately $17,000. There are three property owners who would be involved to help pay a portion of the curb and gutter at $25/foot with the City picking up the remainder of the expense. Lowry and Mayor Keith Sash will talk to the property owners and propose a plan at the July meeting.

Property owners at 105 and 109 W 2nd St. have installed a private sewer service and resolved their sewer issues.

Doug Rowe made a request to the Council that property owners be allowed to have an outdoor meter or irrigation meter that can be used for watering gardens or lawns without being charged the sanitary sewer fee. Rowe said if Gladbrook wants to be 'alive and growing' than he wants to help in maintaining his place and having it look nice by watering his trees and bushes. The Council and Rowe agreed that the meter would need to be authorized by the City. The request will be discussed at the July meeting.

The Council moved to participate in the sidewalk replacement program by paying $3/linear foot if the work is done by the city's contractor. It costs $15/linear foot to remove and replace a sidewalk. The Sidewalk Committee has been surveying the sidewalks in town and marking what needs to be replaced and will present the list to the Council and Mayor.

The following wage increases were approved by the Council. Lowry's wage will increase from $14.50/hour to $15.00/hour. Assistant Public Works Bud Basset will increase from $9.25 to $9.50 and City Clerk Bearden's increase will be from $15.25 to $15.75. These increases will be effective July 1st.

The Council approved moving the mail box stand on West 2nd further to the east.

Under the consent agenda, a liquor license was approved for Uptown Lounge and cigarette permits were approved for Casey's and Hometown Foods. A claim from Mundt and Walker for the roof at the old water plant was approved for $1,800. There is an issue with bricks on the library walls and Lowry said he would contact some contractors to see what needs to be done.

Sheriff Dennis Kucera said his deputies had responded to 23 calls for service during the month of May and spent 115 hours within the City limits during that time.

The TIF/Urban Renewal Agreement was approved with Tama County to establish an urban renewal area (the "Vienna Wind Farm Urban Renewal Area") for the purpose of constructing roadway improvements as the legal description is shown to be within two miles of the boundary of the City of Gladbrook.

The following Resolutions were adopted: Resolution 12-64 for approval of water improvement project for the water tower to Maguire Iron, Inc for the sum of $140,749.15. Resolution 12-65 for the water improvement project for water mains to S L Baumeier for the sum of $3,671.75. Resolution 12-66 approving an amendment to the engineering services contract to update the utility maps. The fee for the update is $11,000. The new water main installations will be replaced with prior water mains that have been abandoned. In addition, locations of water service connected to the new water mains will be identified with GPS coordinates. Sanitary services exposed during the water main improvement project will also be identified with GPS coordinates. A color coded utility map will be printed for the existing water system, existing sanitary sewer system and the existing storm sewer system as well as a composite overall map.

A claim to Clapsaddle-Garber Associates for $3,852 was approved for payment with Council member Roger Luehring abstaining.

Resolution 12-67 was to transfer $67,917.01 from the water improvement capital project fund to the water enterprise fund. Resolution 12-68 was to transfer $4,000 from the general fund to the water improvement capital project for logo painting on the water tower. Resolution 12-69 was to transfer $35,000 from the general fund to water improvement capital project to replace seven fire hydrants. The final resolution, 12-70, was to transfer $8,600 from the general fund to the road use fund to supplement the street lighting budget.

A claim to Municipal Street for street work for $18,817.39 was approved and will be paid from the 12-13 budget. In addition street improvements for areas that were torn up during the water main improvements amounted to $12,000

A special meeting will be held Tues., June 26 at 7pm for year-end activity.



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