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More winners from North Tama Elementary

June 21, 2012
Ross Bercik - Managing Editor , Traer Star-Clipper

The North Tama Elementary School awards that were announced last week had winners in several categories. After detailing the younger kids' accomplishments in last week's issue, this week we'll be looking at the achievements of the third through sixth graders.

As a quick note, last week's list of winners for the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence were incorrectly listed as fitness award winners.

The winners were Tessa Dvorak, Cory Kennedy, Lydia Schafer, Lucy Panfil, Brett Podhajsky, Lydia Ketter, Andrea Ubben and Claire Schafer.

In third grade, students who had perfect attendance were Logan Finzen and Madison Stoneking. Those with outstanding attendance (with two or fewer absences in the 2011-12 school year) were Emily Bradley, Paden Ketter, Abby DeBoef, Rylee McLean, Xander Finzen, Stan Miller, Austin Johanningmeier, Kylie Riechmann, Xander Bradley, Jesse Ford, Troy Hofius, Dylan Hosek, Alex Larison, Brecken Payne, Daelyn Powell and Noah Weber.

Spelling awards for spelling weekly lists in each quarter with two or fewer mistakes went to Logan Kennedy, Rylee McLean and Kylie Riechmann for the first quarter. Logan Kennedy, Riechmann, Paden Ketter and Dylan Rohlfsen were the third quarter recipients. Kennedy and Ketter also received the honor in the fourth quarter.

The third grade Spelling Bee champion this year was Jay Hill, who was able to spell every word chosen for him correctly.

In Ms. Courbat's class, the first quarter spelling winners were Zachary Blackledge, Xander Bradley, Logan Finzen, Jesse Ford, Tyler Laube, Brecken Payne, Megan Popelka, Daelyn Powell, Madison Stoneking and Tommy Weber.

Second and third quarter winners included Bradley, Finzen, Laube, Payne, Popelka, Powell, Stoneking and Weber. Laube, Popelka, Stoneking and Weber also won in the fourth quarter.

The Spelling Bee champ from Ms. Courbat's class was Madison Stoneking. The runner-up was Logan Finzen.

The math award was given to Laube, Payne and Stoneking, based upon their ability to get 100% of their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts right.

Accelerated reading awards were given based on a ribbon system, with most books earning the student between .5 and 3 points. Students need to accumulate 40 points for a blue ribbon, 30 for a red ribbon, 20 for a white ribbon, 10 for a yellow ribbon and between 0 and 9 for a green ribbon.

Samantha Stokes and Madison Stoneking were the only students to earn a blue ribbon, with Abby DeBoef and Brecken Payne being the only recipients of a red ribbon. Xander Bradley, Logan Finzen, Jesse Ford, Dylan Hosek, Tyler Laube, Daelyn Powell, Logan Kennedy and Stan Miller got white ribbons.

Zachary Blackledge, Troy Hoffus, Hunter Krienert, Brody Kucera, Alex Larson, Megan Popelka, Samuel Snyder, Noah Weber, Tommy Weber, Emma Bradley, Ellery Deegan, Xander Finzen, Alexis Hansen, Jace Jlas, Austin Johanningmeier, Paden Ketter, Dalton Kucera, Caleb McKiernan, Rylee McLean, Kylie Riechmann, Dylan Rohlfsen and Emma Winkelpeck earned yellow ribbons. Jay Hill and Caleb TeBeest got green ribbons.

The Science Olympic champs from Ms. Smith's class included Samantha Stokes, Austin Johanningmeier, Abby DeBoef, Xander Finzen, Caleb TeBeest, Emmy Bradley, Caleb McKiernan, Logan Kennedy and Rylee McLean.

In Ms. Courbat's class, the champs were Madison Stoneking, Brecken Payne, Jesse Ford, Troy Holfus, Tyler Laube, Brody Kucera, Alex Larison and Dylan Hosek.

The Geography Bee champs consisted of Dylan Hosek, Megan Popelka, Tyler Laube and Daelyn Powell from Ms. Courbat's class, and Logan Kennedy, Xander Finzen, Caleb McKiernan, Alexis Hansen and Kylie Riechmann from Ms. Smith's class.

The fourth grade class also had several outstanding students, with Andrew Lidgett recording perfect attendance in Mrs. Andvik's class.

Responsible student awards went to Grace Blake, Cory Isenhower, Allison Jones, Takoa Kopriva, Hailey Larsen, Andrew Lidgett, Hailey Palmer, DaLynn Pokorny, Adel Sherrer and Isabel Sierra.

Perfect spelling awards were given to Sherrer, Kenan Samardzic, Brady Riechmann, Pokorny, Luke Pennell, Katelyn Kucera, Kopriva and Sable Fehr.

Outstanding attendance recipients in Mrs. Johnson's class were Drew Boldt, Cody Jones, Sabryna Rigel and Dani Steinwandt.

Responsible students were Levi Beenken, Abby Jones, Cody Jones, Katie Kopriva, Allie Rund, Nathan Urban and Grace Thorsen.

Perfect spelling went to Carlie Gorder and Cody Jones in quarters two, three and four. Perfect spelling for the whole year went to Katie Kopriva.

In fifth grade, the outstanding attendance winners were Hale Hulme, Carissa Calderwood, Kameron Bergen, Izach Henson, Karly Janes, Zade Podhajsky, Emma Scherrer and Madelyn Williams.

The students who made the honor roll in all four quarters were Madeline Butts, Carissa Calderwood, Connor Casto, Caleb DeBoef, Ethan Deegan, Hale Hulme, Parker Hulme, Luke Jampoler, Molly Kvidera, Tyler Morrison, Kendra TeBeest, Travis Waller, Zach Ambrose, Kameron Bergen, Noah Bond, Cael Even, Izach Henson, Karly Jans, Olivia Jones, Chase Morrison, Zade Podhajsky, Carter Pokorny and Emma Scherrer.

Sixth grade winners included many from Mrs. Chizek's class. The Science and Engineering Club members were Karly Jans, Madeline Butts, Adel Scherrer, Chase Morrison, Noah Bond, Caleb DeBoef, Sonja Toulouse, Hope Brubaker, Abby Jones, Allison Jones and Grace Thorsen.

The 2012 Traer Community Space Camp Scholarship recipients were Holly Rigel (sixth grade) and Jordyn TeBeest (eighth grade).

Lydia Ketter, Claire Schafer, Andrea Ubben, Tucker Dunkel, Nicholas Sierra, Keegan Rohlfson and Carlie Johanningmeier made the honor roll all four quarters. Dunkel, Ketter and Schafer also had outstanding attendance.

In the other sixth grade class, the students who made the honor roll the entire year were Tessa Dvorak, Conway Feisel, Trinity Grimm, Cory Kennedy, Kassidy Kupka, Shelby McKinley, Lucy Panfil, Brett Podhajsky, Lydia Schafer and Olivia Schrier.

Outstanding attendance was achieved by Cory Kennedy, Shelby McKinley, Lance Zobel, Olivia Schrier and Brett Podhajsky.

The 6th grade band awards were also announced, with Tessa Dvorak and Lucy Panfil both earning Marion Junior Honor Band awards for their clarinet work.

South Tama Band Jamboree participants were Panfil, Dvorak, Andrea Ubben, Brittney Theilen, Lydia Ketter, Olivia Schrier, Clowey Stammer, Lydia Schafer, Aubrey Payne, Kassidy Kupka, Holly Rigel, Shelby McKinley, Carlie Johanningmeier, Amber Fink, Claire Schafer and Jacob Lawton.

The 2012 Reading Buddies from the sixth grade were Carlie Johanningmeier, Claire Schafer, Nicholas Sierra, Amber Fink, Lydia Ketter, Andrea Ubben and Holly Rigel.

Fifth grade Reading Buddies were Zade Podhajsky, Chance Hulme, Chase Morrison, Dylan Kelley, Noah Bond, Wyatt Lunde, Zach Ambrose, Jade Potter, Hale Hulme, Garett Fuller, Alex Alvarez, Parker Hulme, Cameron Grimm and Carter Pokorny.



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