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"Stone soup" twist at Traer UMC

January 4, 2013
Traer Star-Clipper

January 13th Come one, come all and find out what makes the United Methodist 'system' of officers, committees & teams 'tick'! This is an invaluable opportunity not only to 'sup' together in fellowship but for 1) folks new to committees/offices; 2) Confirmation students; and 3) non-born-n-raised Methodists to understand the how's, why's & wherefore's of how our committee structure functions. Plus it is an opportunity to clarify how each committee/team/office functions specifically at the Traer UMC!

WHEN: This gathering will take place following Sunday School i.e. approximately 11:15 AM.

WHAT to bring: a can of soup and anything else you'd like to share (crackers, relish tray, chips, dessert, etc). The 'twist' is that we'll take all the soups and put them together in one big pot (well, two-three pots: one for chicken base, one for beef base & one for chili)!!

HOW: With much enthusiasm & joy as a child of God & disciple of Christ!!



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