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Traer Pool needs local dollars to get CAT grant

April 19, 2013
Lee Wiges - Traer Pool Committee Chair , Traer Star-Clipper

How do I begin? The current swimming pool has been tagged as non-compliant with the EPA and handicap accessible entrance. The wading pool is in need of a ramp to meet the entrance requirements of the depth of water. The ramp would be about 16 feet long. The depth of the water at the initial entry needs to be "0" in depth. Users of the pool are going to other cities because the Traer Pool does not have any of the amenities that they can offer. Our bathhouse is breaking away at the corners of the foundation. The pump room is leaking. The bathroom showers do not function at full capacity. The heating system is inadequate. We have had two potential lawsuits in the past two years because of facilities.

I am asked why do we need a new pool? Why can't we use the old one? I am too old and I won't need it. My kids are all grown. It's only open three months out of the year. How much will it raise my taxes? These are all legitimate questions and are worth considering. How many of your children (now grown) used the pool? The current pool would have to have alterations to be environmentally compliant. A renovated pool would meet these requirements. We are trying to get funding for the pool so taxes could increase (with our goals) about 75-100 a year. I am certain that the same arguments faced our previous supporters in the past; someone has to pay for the structure. Usually that someone is the older generation. Schools are affected the same way.

Do we need a pool of the magnitude we are projecting? That depends on whom you are asking. We could make our pool compliant by just putting in the "0" depth entry and handicap chair. We still have to address the issue of the wading pool. We still have to address the issue of the bathhouse. The superstructure of the filtering system and heating system has not even been addressed.

If you are still reading this, bear with me a bit more.

A good pool (I am told) helps bring new families to a town. Three criteria entice new families: schools, shopping and recreational facilities, as well as access to larger metropolitan areas. Traer is in the middle of the area.

Too many times people say "I'll give when we dig the first hole." We can't dig that hold until we have money. This is a catch-22. We have had some good givers. We need more. Whatever amount would be very appreciated and would the current use of swimmers very excited.

The current pool is not an "if" but a "when" for renovation or closing. It will be up to the people to determine if they want a pool that is attractive to others, a good drawing card for new families, a moden recreational feature and a pride in the community. Let's not have an abandoned facility left to be idle in the park.

We are seeking a grant from the CAT committee in Des Moines. They feel that it is a worthwhile project, but would like to have the community commitment be closer to one half of the total project cost (about $1 million). We now have approximately $300,000. We are asking the CAT group for $100,000.

Any amount is gratefully accepted.

Pledge cards may be picked up at the Sunnyside Tavern or from any committee member. The members are: Marlene Beenken, Kim Calderwood, Dahn Kennedy, Mark Keefer, Kirstie Seda, Patty Suess, Lee Wiges or Sara Zein.



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