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Liberty Lost

November 26, 2013
Bryan Golden , Traer Star-Clipper

Liberty is lost when it's seized by government or freely relinquished in response to false pretenses and misleading promises.

Liberty isn't lost all at once; it's lost bit by bit. One freedom after another is targeted and taken. Different groups of people are intentionally pitted against each other in order to weaken society, making it easier to diminish liberty. This segmenting is done based on age, gender, economics, religion, and race. Tyrants target one group after another until they seize total control. History is filled with examples of this evil progression.

Liberty is lost by force and coercion. Onerous laws and regulations strip individual freedoms through the bogus justifications that government knows what's best for you or is looking to ensure fairness.

Liberty is lost voluntarily when people willingly give up freedom in exchange for government dependence. When an individual is totally reliant on the government, they become an unwitting hostage. The government then controls virtually every aspect of their life by forcing compliance through the threat of eliminating their benefits.

A tyrannical regime intentionally puts citizens in a position where they are compelled to rely on government for their existence.

Liberty is under assault when government seeks to regulate all facets of your life. The enemies of Liberty target virtually every aspect of your existence. Things as basic as the light bulbs in your home, the food you are allowed to eat, the car you drive, the products you buy, your healthcare, and your ability to protect yourself are all targeted.

No one cares more about your wellbeing than you do. No one else is in a better position to determine what is best for you than you. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying.

The surest way to lose Liberty is by allowing other people to take it. Nefarious individuals and governments deceive you by promising happiness in exchange for giving up control of your life. History has repeatedly proven that when Liberty is lost, it is replaced by widespread suffering and misery.

Those who have escaped tyranny recognize the warning signs of losing Liberty. They are astounded that so many Americans not only don't treasure their freedom but are apathetic or even complicit in its decline. Anyone who is complacent while others lose liberty will ultimately lose theirs as well.

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like without Liberty? Most people have not because they take Liberty for granted. A free society is all they have known. Yet those who have lived under totalitarian regimes know all too well the irreplaceable value of liberty and the utter despair that exists without it.

Confiscating from those willing to work and giving to those who are not, weakens the very foundation of Liberty. This strategy destroys productivity. As the number of productive people diminishes, free society collapses. There is a point at which there are not enough people working to support everyone else. The result is a shortage of everything except misery.

Liberty is a ship floating in a sea of tyranny. It remains afloat only as long as there are no leaks or cracks in the hull. Once the integrity of the ship is breached, the entire vessel sinks. It doesn't matter where in the hull a leak occurs.

Just one leak will destroy Liberty. Any leak, regardless of how small, dooms the entire ship and all those on it. There is no place for apathy. The fate of each person is tied to the fate of all.

We are all in the same boat. If Liberty sinks, everyone goes down. Once sunk, it's virtually impossible to salvage.

Constant care, vigilance, and maintenance are required to keep liberty seaworthy. Tyranny, greed, and the quest for power are constantly searching for any weakness, no matter how small, in order to sink liberty.

Liberty requires good, decent, and benevolent people to care for it. If you want to keep your Liberty, the time to act is now. Pay attention to the many warning signs occurring today. Tyranny is hard at work destroying your Liberty. You can and do make a difference. Speak up and be heard now before it is too late.



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