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Superintendent News

March 7, 2014
Bob Cue - North Tama Superintendent , Traer Star-Clipper

The following article by Jamie Vollmer seems to sum up the role of what schools are being asked to do today and the need for community support. Many people fail to realize North Tama and other Iowa schools provide our students with many services along with a general education. North Tama provides students with two meals a day, counseling services for students and parents , medical services, before and after school assistance, parenting assistance and education, clothing for those in need, career education, and safety education just to name a few.

The "Ever Increasing Burden on America's Public Schools" by Jamie Vollmer, former Iowa Business Leader, a member of the Iowa Business and Education Round table, and advocate for Iowa's schools.

"This is a story about America and America's public schools. Specifically, it's about how we, as a society, have changed what we ask our public schools to do. How we respond to this story will affect everyone's future whether or not we have children in school.

The contract between our communities and our schools has changed. It's no longer 'Help us teach our children.' It's 'Raise our kids.' No generation of teachers and administrators in history has had to fulfill this mandate. And each year, the pressure grows.

Social and economic conditions demand that we unfold the full potential of every child. Our futures are tied to their success as never before. But this is a job for all of us. Everyone, in every community, must help remove the obstacles to student success. We must recognize our common interests, and do our part to help our schools create the graduates and citizens we need. Our schools cannot do it alone."



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