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Tax season benefits Tama County's children

Taxpayers give $70,000 to child abuse prevention when they file state taxes

January 9, 2015
Traer Star-Clipper

Programs that support caregivers in providing safe, nurturing environments for children will gain $70,000 when Iowans file their taxes this year. In Tama County, these contributions help fund the child sexual abuse prevention programs which annually serve more than 2,000 children and families.

The donations come from a line item on the state income tax return form that allows taxpayers to donate a portion of their refund or an additional amount on top of what they owe to child abuse prevention. Over six years, the Child Abuse Prevention Check Off has raised nearly $400,000 for child abuse prevention services, with donations increasing every year.

"Giving to the Child Abuse Prevention Check Off is a valuable way to support children in Tama County," said Jana Enfield, executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services. "Our prevention programs strengthen families by providing child and parent education and skill development. As a result, the children in our community are more likely to grow up in the safe, nurturing environments they need to reach their full potential."

The Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program (ICAPP), which receives the check off funds, served 13,000 adults and 45,000 children across the state last year. ICAPP works with services that help caregivers manage stress, strengthen connections, learn parenting skills, and access resources. Research shows that building these "protective factors" in families reduces the likelihood that child abuse or neglect will occur.

"The more we can do to support caregivers now, the more likely children in our state will grow up to become healthier, more productive citizens, as well as better parents for their children," said Steve Scott, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. "The Child Abuse Prevention Check Off ensures we can provide services to more families who can benefit."

To donate to child abuse prevention, taxpayers should look for line 55d on Iowa Tax Form 1040. An online tax program, such as Turbo Tax, asks whether to make a contribution after the filer has reviewed the tax form and is ready to submit.

To learn more about the Child Abuse Prevention Check Off, go to



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