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Giving the People a Voice

March 4, 2016 Our system of government was designed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. To protect the God-given natural rights of each citizen and preserve our liberty, the U.S. more »»

Slices of Life - Super ads

February 19, 2016 Everything about the Super Bowl is super. Super teams. Super players. Super stadium. Super day. Super parties. Super national anthem. Super halftime show. Super fans. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Shoes

February 19, 2016 As humans, we walk and stand all day long. It is exhausting for the body to stand up all the time but having a good pair of shoes helps. The comfortability and support shoes offer are amazing. more »»

Timely School Funding Approved in Senate

February 19, 2016 For more than 20 years, Iowa’s law has put local school funding first when developing the state budget for the next fiscal year. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale 5 (Valentine's Day Edition)

February 12, 2016 Love is in the air, candy hearts are shared, and roses are red. It is Valentine’s Day, the holiday full of love. A very thoughtful, endearing holiday, and in numerous ways, love is shown. more »»

Slices of Life - Senior year

February 12, 2016 This is my third senior year. Fourth if I count my own, but that was eons ago, before I understood the impact senior year could have. more »»

Iowa National Guard is Stronger Than Ever

February 12, 2016 Major General Timothy Orr addressed lawmakers on January 27 in his annual Condition of the Guard. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Super Bowl

February 5, 2016 The most important, unofficial American holiday is here, The Super Bowl. Football fans gather around the television to watch warriors play for the ultimate prize. more »»

Human Trafficking Happens in Iowa

February 5, 2016 Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Game Shows

January 29, 2016 Since the dawn of television, genres have come and gone. Westerns were once popular, but they have vanished from today’s programming schedule. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Sports (3 Things in the Past)

January 22, 2016 Sports have always played an integral role in society. Whether basketball, football, or baseball, sports constantly evolve. more »»

Slices of Life - Facebook faux pas

January 22, 2016 Facebook is an online community and in being such has developed certain (often unwritten) rules that its users follow. more »»

Legislative session underway

January 22, 2016 The 2016 legislative session is underway. Monday morning we began with the swearing in of Rep. Linda Upmeyer as our new Speaker of the House. more »»

Q&A: Iowa Caucuses

January 22, 2016 Q: Why are the Iowa caucuses so significant? A: For more than four decades, presidential candidates have come to Iowa to test the electoral waters. more »»

Support the Renewable Fuel Standard

January 15, 2016 Every four years, Iowa has the unique opportunity to be the first in the nation caucus. more »»

Slices of Life - New year, new resolutions

January 15, 2016 It’s a new year - a time when many of us consider changing more than our calendars. It’s time to get trim around the midsection. Redecorate the bedroom. Read more. Complain less. Join the gym. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Diners

January 15, 2016 McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, and the list goes on and on. While these franchises exist in most mid to large cities, they are bland. more »»

Blum recaps first year in office

January 15, 2016 Just over a year ago, Eastern Iowans sent me to Washington to represent them in Congress. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Handwritten Letters

January 8, 2016 Lol”. “Brb.” “Smh.” These phrases are commonly sent through email, Facebook, and texting. These quick forms of communication are great, except they do not have a personal touch. more »»

Slices of Life - Marriage is a really long race

January 8, 2016 Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been married for 31 years - consecutive ?- to the same man. Exclamation point. In Hollywood, this is a big deal. Heck, it’s a big deal anywher. more »»



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