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Slices of Life - Treacherous traditions date back thousands of years

November 1, 2012 Hidden identities. Planned thievery. Street walking. Threats and coercion. Tooth decay. All carried out under the cover of darkness. By your children. On your watch. more »»

Slices of Life - Election 2012 perspectives from the cat

October 25, 2012 It’s an election year and I live in a house divided. My problem is the dog. We don’t see eye to eye – literally as well as figuratively. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Anne Michael

October 25, 2012 It’s really easy to be disgusted with legislators. It seems they leave on vacation before their work is done, vote themselves raises and quarrel a lot so little gets don. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Jeannie Sieck

October 25, 2012 Dear Editor, What Have We Accomplished In The Past 4 Years? A LOT. We elected Barack Obama in 2008 for change, Our President went into office fired up & ready to go to work for all American. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Dennis & Joyce Wiese

October 25, 2012 We’ve known Dennis Kucera for many years. Our opinion is he is an excellent Sheriff and has handled numerous problems of every kind in an efficient and professional method. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Bill & Kay Dolan

October 18, 2012 As parents, we have always wanted the best for our children. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Brian Ellenbecker

October 18, 2012 Dear Editor, As many of you know, I’m running for Tama County Sheriff this November. more »»

In Iowa's Interest - Doing Well by Doing Good...

October 18, 2012 Improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities is one of my top priorities.  In 2011, at a disability employment summit hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. more »»

Slices of Life - A qurky life

October 18, 2012 My life has always had undertones of goofiness. Orderly and predictable are not words to describe my comings and goings. Fifty percent of this relates my being a little haphazard. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Bruce Rhoads

October 12, 2012 Dear Editor, In this election we will be selecting a Sheriff in Tama County. more »»

Slices of Life - The making of a queen

October 12, 2012 Crowns – the glittery kind you wear on your head – aren’t a normal part of typical American attire, except for one Friday night each autumn on high school football fields across the country. more »»

Laura on Life - Ordinary Parents

October 12, 2012 Overheard, as a group of kids waited for their pictures to be taken at a tournament: “Here comes my lazy dad.  Look at him, trying to work the camera.  He’s so stupid. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Richard Arp

October 4, 2012 To the Editor, This letter concerns the negative tone that the political race for the House District 72 race has taken, It has come to my attention that Dean Fisher is sending out negative campaign... more »»

Letter to the Editor - Pat Kubik

October 4, 2012 Dear Editor, I have placed a sign in my yard that says, “SAY NO TO O.” I hope many of you will consider your vote carefully in the upcoming electio. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Dale Halipnik

October 4, 2012 Just recently some friends of mine were in charge of organizing their 50th high school reunion. It made me aware of the many hours it takes to organize such an event. more »»

Trying to Understand English

October 4, 2012 On any given day at work, I interact with many people who grew up outside of the United States. more »»

Slices of Life - Case of the blahs? Tomorrow is another day

September 27, 2012 Ever have a down-in-the-dumps day? From time to time we all succumb to emotions brought about by the perceived fullness (or not) of our coffee mug, soda can or water bottle. more »»

Laura On Life - My 700th

September 27, 2012 This is my 700th column.  Yes, I number them for no other reason than they are easier to find on my computer. more »»

Pass the Farm Bill pronto

September 27, 2012 A few weeks ago, I visited with two farmers from Palo, Gary and Vicki Owens, to see how the relentless heat and drought conditions were affecting their struggling crops of corn and soybean. more »»

Letter to the Editor - Pray for our nation

September 27, 2012 Dear Editor, Here we are another election year and as we look back the last four years have produced nothing. more »»



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